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Family Style

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Take things to another level with our “Family Style” note cards.

This time, we take our white note cards (folded size of 4 ¼“tall by 5 ½“wide), and make them even better.  You provide the names of individual family members and we put those names in the background.  Then, tell us your last name, and we put that in the foreground.  This time, we let you choose two colors! 

This style of card is also great for teachers (school name in background, teacher’s name in foreground), bridal shower gifts (his and her first names in background, last name in foreground), or any other combination you can imagine. 

Get creative!  Or ask us to help!  No family?  No problem! Almost anything works!

Price:  15 family style note cards with envelopes, $15.00.

Foreground Font
Foreground Color (dots & big name)
Background Color
Name/Names for background
Name/Names for foreground